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Welcome to the official Trade Federation Library or as its also known as the Trade Federation Wiki. The Trade Federation Library is a collaborative encyclopedia of everything related to the Star Wars Combine and the Trade Federation.

If you would like to help out, please contact Chancellor Navik Ikron, who can get you set up with access to edit/add articles. Report any errors or bugs to Jacob Jansen.
Featured Article
Commerce Guild

The Commerce Guild is the Trade Federation's burly, pick wielding, hammer swinging, dirt digging, mining arm. Forged from an amalgam of crafty Trade Federation businessmen and seasoned veteran JUGANOTH miners, the Commerce Guild stands to be the premier mining company in the galaxy. Part of the Trade Federation's nationalized companies, the Commerce Guild's prosperity is tied to that of its government and practically ensured for the future. Although the Commerce Guild calls the Glythe Sector home, CG miners and materials can be found in mines and offices throughout the galaxy as the company remains ready and able to dig anywhere valuable raw materials can be found (and some places where they cannot). Raw materials are efficiently shipped back to the Trade Federation and all its morally and ethically savvy clients. Led by Alahav Andregar and his commendable Deputy Director, the Commerce Guild is always looking for healthy new recruits of all persuasions to take up a shovel and join one of the galaxy's oldest professions.

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Member Spotlight
File:Rien lur ava.png Rien Lur
Rien is a 1,51 meter high male Defel weighing 65 kgs. His fur has an orange colour when there is enough UV component in the light around him otherwise it stays black. He wears practical work clothes most of the time so his co-workers can see his shape more clearly and a defel visor witch helps him see in "UV-less" environments. He is a bit shy between people he doesn't know and treats them with a mild suspicion very likely to be a product of the Imperial oppression of his life. He chats frequently with people he trusts and protects those he admires. He hates paperwork and has a certain distaste for strict hierarchies this has held him back in advancement in the Federation but he is not reluctant to overcome these handicaps if needed. Seeing so many soldiers going into their deaths blindly he has a certain mocking personality towards them and tries to poke them with cheese comments wherever he can. After long years of confinement and hardships now he has money on things he never had and found a new hobby in hunting and he makes private parties for his mercenaries from time to time where he invites dancers, musicians and courtesans. He doesn't seem be a picky person when it comes to women also a product of his life isolated from society. Twi'leks, Humans, Bothans, Zabraks etc. are all exotic for him and often get invited to his personal Marauder-Class Corvette. Read More.

Recent News
House Arkoh formally joins the Federation on Year 16 Day 116. Learn more here


Year 16 Day 113 sees a massive medal ceremony. Learn more here

Year 16 Day Day 107 sees the Murk System being declared Open for members of the Federation. Learn more here

Viceroy Jacob Jansen On Year 16 Day 96 Viceroy Jacob Jansen announces the new Zuma Regional Governor Learn more here
House Jade formally joins the Federation on Year 16 Day 88 . Learn more here


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commendations
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Droids
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Duceroys
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Factions
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Images
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Items
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png People
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ships
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Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Cabinet
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Viceroy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Regent
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Duceroy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Directorate


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Defense
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Interior
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Production
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of State


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Navy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Logistics
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Industry
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Admissions
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Federation Security Service

  Nationalized Factions

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Alpha Medical Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Baktoid Armour Workshop
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Centurion Arms
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commerce Guild
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dorinian Military Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Federation Holdings Group
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Kuat Drive Yards
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Rendili StarDrive
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Techno Union
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Vorsia Gearworks

  Detached Departments

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Evocati Order
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Ext Affairs
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Culture
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Justice
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Medicine
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Citizenship Approval Board

  Other Combine Wikis

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Holocron
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Galactic Archives
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Royal Hapan Library
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Corporate Alliance Codex

A special thanks to the following people (in the past and present) who have dedicated a lot of time and hard work to developing this wonderful database of history on our great Empire of Trade!

Kurner Dahtar
For his tireless efforts setting up and customizing the Library.

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