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Welcome to the official Trade Federation Library or as its also known as the Trade Federation Wiki. The Trade Federation Library is a collaborative encyclopedia of everything related to the Star Wars Combine and the Trade Federation.

If you would like to help out, please contact Chancellor Navik Ikron, who can get you set up with access to edit/add articles. Report any errors or bugs to Jacob Jansen.
Featured Article
Alpha Medical Corps

After the foundation of the Avance Coalition, the need for a medical organization arose almost instantly as literally millions of refugees fled from all corners of the galaxy to seek safety under the wings of Avance. Many of these travellers had been badly injured during their flight from embattled lands and needed medical attention. In response, a medical team of like-minded volunteers from within Avance began specializing in Cybernetics, Prosthetics established a new medical service called the Medical Urgency Extraction Team (MUET) taking it upon themselves to try to fulfill that growing need. Soon after, they formed a Minor House of the Avance Coalition (House Asclepius) and constructed several medical facilities in the Modell sector.

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Member Spotlight
File:Jacob jansen ava.png Jacob Jansen
is the 6th and current Viceroy of the Trade Federation and a known force user. Jacob Jansen's early life is veiled by a shroud of mystery that even the most probing security checks cannot penetrate. What little is known can only be gleaned from whispered rumors, some wild and fanciful. What is known for certain is that he was born on the planet Hapes, but Hapan Intelligence insists that census information on the Jansen family was lost more than a decade ago, leaving sparse records supplied by Jacob himself.Read More.

Recent News

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Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Defense
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Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Admissions
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Federation Security Service

  Nationalized Factions

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Alpha Medical Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Baktoid Armour Workshop
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Centurion Arms
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commerce Guild
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dorinian Military Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Kuat Drive Yards
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Rendili StarDrive
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Techno Union
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Haven Corporation

  Detached Departments

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Evocati Order
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Ext Affairs
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Culture
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Justice
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Medicine
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Citizenship Approval Board

  Other Combine Wikis

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Holocron
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Galactic Archives
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Royal Hapan Library
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Corporate Alliance Codex

A special thanks to the following people (in the past and present) who have dedicated a lot of time and hard work to developing this wonderful database of history on our great Empire of Trade!

Kurner Dahtar, Dominic Masters, Jacob Jansen, Ashley Perkins, Tyrie Da`jek, Alex Track, Daniel Zorg, Jeeva Ob, Surak Nemoid, Kage Renbukai, Martin Oberan, Sephiroth Rhapsodos, JoCon Illmar, Siejo Kutol, Jordanus Starscream, Deo Anastas, Wesley OyKi, Ted Winner, Otto Kipler, Jeb Voorhees, Phlar Vran, Jecal Nadrihm, Dail Llwybr Gwaed
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