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Welcome to the official Trade Federation Library or as its also known as the Trade Federation Wiki!

The Trade Federation Library is a collaborative encyclopedia of everything related to the Star Wars Combine and the Trade Federation.

If you would like to help out, Please contact Library Director Lilith Delcroix, who can get you set up with access to edit/add articles. Report any errors or bugs to Jacob Jansen.
Featured Article
File:Logo 70.png Vorsia Gearworks

After several weeks the Trade Federation was still in need of recycling operations being completed and so approached the former DSG leader with an offer to lead a new company that would be part of the Trade Federation. Without fear of repeated stress by placing all management onto one person, the offer was accepted and Vorsian Gearworks company was forged to act as Department of Recycling within the Federation.

Operating from Relatta and Vorsia systems, Gearworks mainly reserves its services to the Federation, specializing in urban renewal, demolitions and salvage of old and decommissioned assets. With the ability to reuse wrecks and create scrap, Gearworks also works closely with other production companies of the Federation to produce Ugly-class starfighters. Under management of Lilith Delcroix the company prides itself on effectiveness and efficiency. Nothing is too big or small to be crushed, destroyed, blown up or burned down... More...

Member Spotlight
File:manta_birostris_ava.png Manta Birostris
Manta Birostris was born on the ocean world of Manaan. As a boy, he was apprenticed to Selkath healers, utilizing the sacred kolto plant. The kolto plant had a long history on Manaan, earning Selkath healers their respect. Manta revered the work of his ancestors and studied the kolto. During the Galactic Civil War, Manaan was occupied by the Galactic Empire. Selkath healers had been smuggling kolto to the Rebellion. The Empire enslaved the Selkaths and forced them to harvest kolto for them. More...

Recent News
File:TFNews.png Change of DMC leadership on Year 15, Day 96 office of the Minister of Production released news that Tarc Drathul will be taking over the leadership of Dorinian Military Corps while Robert Thorp stepped down to act as Deputy Director. Learn more here.

Ambassador Appointed on Year 15, Day 84 Duceroy Nohv Schiller the appointment of Lord Tovakinpi Toshikhan as Ambassador in the Federation's Department of External Affairs. Learn more here.
Resignation of Grand Lord On Year Year 15, Day 62 Viceroy Jacob Jansen annouced on behalf of the Inner Circle that Master Execurus Edun stepped down from his position as Grand Lord. The Inner Circle decided not to vote on a new Grand Lord. Master Alan Arcane also stepped down from his position, Knight Lilith Delcroix took his place as Headmaster of Evocati Academy. Learn more here.
New Deputy Director of Logistics On Year 15, Day 91 Director Marco Salo announced that Dail Llwybr Gwaed will be his deputy director of the Department of Logistics, learn more here.
Leadership changes within Department of Culture On Year 15, Day 62 Director Marco Salo annouced changes to the Library Team and the Morale Team within Department of Culture. Otto Kipler stepped down as Chief Archivist and became Director of the Morale Team. Lilith Delcroix was put in charge of the Library. Learn more here.


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commendations
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Droids
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Duceroys
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Factions
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Images
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Items
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png People
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ships
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Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Viceroy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Regent
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Duceroy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Cabinet
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Directorate


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Defense
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Interior
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Production
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of State


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Navy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Logistics
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Industry
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Admissions
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Trade

  Nationalized Factions

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Baktoid Armour Workshop
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commerce Guild
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dorinian Military Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Kuat Drive Yards
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Techno Union
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Vorsia Gearworks

  Detached Departments

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Evocati Order
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Ext Affairs
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Culture
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Justice
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Medicine
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Citizenship Approval Board

  Other Combine Wikis

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Holocron
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Galactic Archives
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Royal Hapan Library
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Corporate Alliance Codex

A special thanks to the following people (in the past and present) who have dedicated a lot of time and hard work to developing this wonderful database of history on our great Empire of Trade!

Kurner Dahtar
For his tireless efforts setting up and customizing the Library.

The Following Staff
Dominic Masters, Jacob Jansen, Ashley Perkins, Tyrie Da`jek, Alex Track, Daniel Zorg, Jeeva Ob, Surak Nemoid, Kage Renbukai, Martin Oberan, Sephiroth Rhapsodos, JoCon Illmar, Siejo Kutol, Jordanus Starscream, Deo Anastas, Wesley OyKi, Ted Winner, Otto Kipler, Jeb Voorhees, Lilith Delcroix, Phlar Vran, Jecal Nadrihm
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