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Welcome to the official Trade Federation Library or as its also known as the Trade Federation Wiki. The Trade Federation Library is a collaborative encyclopedia of everything related to the Star Wars Combine and the Trade Federation.

If you would like to help out, please contact Chief Archivist Lilith Delcroix, who can get you set up with access to edit/add articles. Report any errors or bugs to Jacob Jansen.
Featured Article
Department of Justice

The Department of Justice or High Court of the Federation, is the sole source of judicial authority within the Trade Federation, and also holds the responsibility for the creation of Trade Federation Laws conforming with the ideals and values of the Trade Federation. Members of this department are dedicated to the pursuit of a fair and proper legal system to properly protect the rights of the citizens of the Federation and to bring about just retribution against those who would deny the citizens of the Federation their rights. The High Court of the Federation serves as the Federation's only appellate court. This includes overseeing the maintenance and support of Sector Courts throughout Federation-controlled territory, to ensure that all sentient beings of the galaxy under the banner of the Trade Federation are accorded the same protections as any citizen of the Trade Federation. The Halls of the High Court of the Trade Federation are located within the Trade Federation Capital Building on Taanab.

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Member Spotlight
File:Carmen sundane ava.png Carmen Sundane
Carmen was the first child of Orrin and Cerri Sundane. His father, Orrin Sundane, was a sector magistrate on Coruscant in Sector L-27, also known as the Golden Coast, bordering the Western Sea. Orrin’s position allowed for a comfortable upbringing for Carmen which allowed for a broad exposure to the galaxy through vacations to nearby planets and systems, and interactions with the variety of sentient beings visiting the Western Sea on holiday. In contrast, he was also exposed to the darker side of Coruscant and the criminal elements from the Coruscant Underworld, and less orderly sectors, as his father sat in judgment over those accused of a variety of crimes. As Carmen progressed through the academies and schools of Coruscant, he was presented with the opportunity to attend the Coruscant School of Law within the confines of the University of Coruscant, partly due to his father’s influence, but also due to his own merits and achievements during his schooling and studies. Read More.

Recent News
File:TFNews.png New Director of Trade On Year 15, Day 289 Minister Salamku Derov revealed Director Lilith Delcroix as the successor to the Director of Trade post. Learn more here.

Chief Justice Appointed On Year 15, Day 288 the Viceroy Jacob Jansen released the news that Deputy Minister Carmen Sundane was promoted to Chief Justice within Department of Justice. Learn more here.
Director of Robotics Change On Year 15, Day 255 Minister Salamku Derov announced Vas Felix as replacement CEO for the Dorinian Military Corps. Learn more here.
New Director of Recycling On Year 15, Day 250 Minister Marcus Justinian announced that Director Lilith Delcroix was moving to a different part of Trade Federation and Deputy Director Ithael Slite was promoted to lead Vorsia Gearworks. Learn more here.
Hapan King On State Visit To Trade Federation Capital King Zayth Kadrim, leader of the Hapes Consortium, was in the Taanab system on an official state visit to the Trade Federation. The King and his entourage arrived on Day 243 of Year 15 aboard the Hapan Pulsar Battle Cruiser, HRS Pride. Learn more here.


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commendations
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Droids
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Duceroys
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Factions
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Images
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Items
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png People
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ships
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Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Cabinet
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Viceroy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Regent
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Office of the Duceroy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Directorate


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Defense
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Interior
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of Production
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Ministry of State


Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Navy
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Logistics
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Industry
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Admissions

  Nationalized Factions

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Baktoid Armour Workshop
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Commerce Guild
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dorinian Military Corps
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Federation Holdings Group
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Kuat Drive Yards
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Techno Union
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Vorsia Gearworks

  Detached Departments

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Evocati Order
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Ext Affairs
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Culture
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Justice
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Dept of Medicine
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Citizenship Approval Board

  Other Combine Wikis

Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Holocron
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Galactic Archives
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Royal Hapan Library
Image:Wikitflogosmall.png Corporate Alliance Codex

A special thanks to the following people (in the past and present) who have dedicated a lot of time and hard work to developing this wonderful database of history on our great Empire of Trade!

Kurner Dahtar
For his tireless efforts setting up and customizing the Library.

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